US tried to kill Putin by directing major coup: Russia

MOSCOW: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that the Pentagon’s directive to US officials to strike the Kremlin was actually an attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the report of the Russian news agency “TASS”, Lavrov added that Washington has gone ahead of everyone else. What some Pentagon officials threatened to attack the head of the Kremlin was actually a threat to physically eliminate the Russian head of state.

Lavrov cautioned that one should think carefully about the potential consequences of such projects if one espouses such ideas. Lavrov also reminded Western officials of their actions and statements regarding nuclear conflict. “They seem to have completely abandoned strategy,” Larov said. It should be remembered that the former British Prime Minister Liz Terrace announced during an election debate that she is fully prepared to issue the order for a nuclear attack.
Referring to the provocations by the government in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Minister said that the illogical provocations of the Kyiv government should also be remembered that President Zelensky asked NATO countries to launch a premature nuclear attack on Russia. said for “It is beyond acceptable limits,” he said.
Recall that Russian President Putin launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24, with the aim of eliminating and disarming “Nazism” in Ukraine. Russia said that this is a threat to Russia. Kyiv and its Western allies say the Russian invasion is a colonial land grab.

Lavrov reiterated that there cannot be normal relations between Russia and the United States. He said that it is not possible to establish normal relations with the Biden administration from an objective point of view because the Biden administration declares that one of its goals is to strategically defeat our country.
The fallout from the Russian military campaign in Ukraine and the subsequent imposition of Western sanctions on Moscow has left US-Russia relations at their lowest level in decades.

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