Bakers, sweet sellers expect whopping sales on Christmas

ISLAMABAD: As the grand festival of Christmas is approaching fast, the sweet sellers in the federal capital have finalized special preparations, expecting huge business during the festive season.

Keeping in view the new trends and demands, the bakeries have designed and displayed a variety of cakes decorated with images of Santa Clause, a Christmas tree, and other related themes to attract buyers.

A huge crowd was witnessed at the sweet shops and bakeries for placing orders for the customized cakes and sweets.

Muhammad Aun, a bakery owner said while talking to APP, “We are expecting huge business this year as, during the last few years, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the festivity.”

He said customized Christmas cakes were on the trend in the town as many people had and booked their orders much prior to the event. “We are already having so many orders and now we have stopped new bookings of customized cakes.”

Safir Ahmed, another sweet shop owner, said cakes are the most sold items on Christmas as everyone likes to celebrate this event with cakes and sweets. People also take them along while visiting their relatives and friends on Christmas, he added.

He said cakes, cupcakes, and other delights decorated with Santa, a Christmas tree, and other Christmas themes are the most favorite choice of the people, especially children and we have displayed special designs which are highly appreciated by customers.

“The recipe for the cakes remains the same but we create different decorations in accordance with the festivity. We decorate the cakes with bells, edible glitter, gingerbread houses, and candy canes”, he added.

James Masih, who was booking customized cakes and cupcakes with a Christmas theme at a famous bakery, told APP that it was a daunting task of finding the perfect theme for the Christmas cake but “finally, my children have selected a design and now we are booking it for the Christmas evening.”

Simon Johns, another buyer, said there was no Christmas without cakes and sweets, “For me, Christmas celebrations are synonymous with cakes and sweets. I am not only booking cakes for my family, but also for my friends and relatives, as this is our tradition to gift cakes and sweets while visiting each other on Christmas.”

Naila Bibi, a buyer at a local bakery, was of the view that due to the inflation, the rates of the cakes have increased manifold, affecting our Christmas celebrations.

She said children demand customized Christmas-themed cakes, which are more expensive than normal cakes. “I cannot fulfill their demands and will purchase normal cakes instead of customized ones,” she said in a dismal tone.


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