Have we learnt our lesson?

It is a shame that we have learnt no lessons from the devastating floods of 2010. A decade later, we are facing the same crisis, same negligence and pretty much the same of everything; only worse.
We live in a country where the authorities seem to be unaware of the complete reality of the climate change phenomenon and do not plan or prepare to avert a disaster. The recent floods have left millions of people homeless. Tons of wheat have been washed away in floodwater, and there is apparently not enough for distribution among the homeless and the needy. Tents and mosquito nets are sold at sky-high prices. Even potatoes are sold at Rs200 per kilogram.
We live in a wretched country where helicopters fail to rescue people from floodwater, but are available for any other purpose howsoever frivolous it may be. Funds and donations are consumed by the corrupt, while the victims remain hungry and empty-handed.
We all must wake up and feel the misery of our own people. We need to hold the relevant authorities accountable and make them do what they are supposed to do.
Tasawur Fatima
Naushahro Feroze

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