Manchester United supporters call for ‘real investment’ from any new owner

LONDON: The Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) said on Thursday any new owner of the Premier League club must be willing to invest heavily to restore its former glory amid speculation of a sale by the Glazer family.

British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe has expressed an interest in buying United after Tesla founder Elon Musk said a Twitter post in which he said he planned to buy the club was part of “a long-running joke”.

The club’s owners, the American Glazer family, are under pressure with United sitting bottom of the league after two games of the new season. Bloomberg reported they would consider selling a minority stake, opening the door for Ratcliffe.

“Speculation is mounting about a potential change of ownership or new investors at Manchester United. Whilst supporters have called for change, of course, this has to be the right change,” MUST said in a statement on Twitter.


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