End of Imran Khan’s tether

Nothing new in speech

PTI’s 13 August gathering was originally billed as an “impressive” show of power where Imran Khan would announce his party’s future strategy. With the hopes of early elections fading, and the party made to confront both the establishment and the PDM alliance, there was all the more need for clarification of PTI’s future policy. After the shocking social media comments following the army helicopter crash and Shehbaz Gill’s highly inappropriate remarks on the ARY, the relations between the PTI and   army have further worsened. Meanwhile FIA has directed Imran Khan to present details of party’s foreign accounts over the last quarter century. This creates perception of the party chief having been caught in a nut cracker between the army and ruling alliance. Imran Khan’s remark that a conspiracy is afoot to create confrontation between army and PTI provides little comfort to party’s rank and file. Till recently Imran Khan had termed every political development as party’s success and claimed that he had answers for every contingency. He would find it increasingly difficult to convince people with stock answers of the sort.

Imran Khan’s answer to any threat was to issue a call for a million march. PTI’s Azadi March was supposd to bring out three million. With the PDM’s Interior Minister determined to call the bluff, PTI could manage to bring together only thousands. The PTI’s social media was supposed to spread panic in opponents ranks. In the new situation, it ended up widening the differences between PTI and the army. Shehbaz Gill’s rant added fuel to`the fire.

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Imran Khan’s speech indicates that he has learnt little over all these years. The speech was no different from the speeches he has been delivering all those years. He has the same mind set. He knows US better than others. He will not compromise on Pakistan’s interests He praises Trump for he ‘respected’ Imran Khan. He still uses Raiste Madina to confirm his credential as a good Muslim. He has no plans to end the ongoing co confrontation in the country.

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