Impact of power crisis on business sector

The soaring power crisis in the country in this extreme weather and suffocating conditions is making it difficult for the people to manage their everyday living. Loadshedding in the locality where I live is done every other hour, and it is all but impossible to plan anything.

I have an ailing mother at home whose oxygen supply must be ensured continuously. However, owing to the crippling power crisis, I have to keep the generator running as a backup round-the-clock which is adding to the expenses.

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As for the income, it has gone down by more than 30 per cent. I run a small business of atta chakki. With loadshedding of 12 hours every day, operational hours have been reduced, meaning my income has reduced. Besides, employees in my shop cannot be asked to work 24 hours, and for the eight hours that they spend at work, we do not have power for half that time, which means productivity has gone down drastically.

Adding to my misery is the ever-increasing power tariff, which is further topped up with fuel price adjustments on a monthly basis. Since I am the lone breadwinner of the family, things are fast moving where they would soon be beyond my control; or anybody’s control, for that matter.

The relevant authorities should handle the matter on a priority basis as it is affecting the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of the people. The rise in fuel prices, electricity and gas tariffs must be kept in control and subsidised so that the masses may have the capacity to run their households.



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