Shujaat advises working relationship to run national affairs

A formidable crisis has badly hit the national
economy, PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Wednesday said in a

“Everyone knew it well that what is happening in Pakistan have political
reasons, but the poor people have nothing to do with it,” Shujaat said.

Emphasizing over the need of a working relationship in the ongoing
situation, veteran politician said that all the people having privilege of
authority should consider and think about solutions for the economy.

“The poor lot don’t know about the politics, the political parties if don’t
want to set aside their differences, they don’t do it, they should sit
together to seek solution of the problems of common man who is hit by the
price hike and dearness,” PML-Q leader said.

He urged for a working relationship in view of the existing circumstances,
so as the national affairs being run smoothly without any hurdle and


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