KP govt allocates Rs8.42b to TMAs, cantt boards

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government allocated more than Rs8.42 billion to Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs) and cantonment boards this year as against Rs10.88b allocated previous year.

According to finance department sources, a total of Rs5.90 billion has been allocated to tehsil councils. The details show that Rs47.18 million has been set aside for TMA Abbottabad, Rs22.57 million for Havelian, Rs1.83 million for Cantonment Board Abbottabad, Rs5.177 million for TMA Dagar, Rs6.03 million for Batgram, Rs4.021m for Alai, Rs30 million for TMA Bannu, Rs9.2 million for Cantonment Board Bannu, Rs50.9m for TMA Charsadda, Rs80 million for Tangi, Rs1.8 million for Shabqadar, Rs2.3 million for Cantonment Board Murree Galyat, Rs1 million for Cantonment Board Hawlian, Rs7.9 for TMA Lower Tanawal, 2.5m for Tutalai, 4.4m for Ghagra, 2.5 for Khudukhel, 2.5m for Chagarzai, 5.5m for Gadzai.

Batgram 30m, TMA Domail 10 million, 7 million for Bakakhel, 83.78 million for Tehsil Councils Bannu, 95.28 million for Charsadda, 85.13 million for TMA Darosh, Rs 54.016 million has been earmarked for Upper Chitral, Rs2 million for Mastuj and Rs30 million for Malkho.

The provincial government has approved Rs 5.4mn for Adenzai, Rs 3.3 mn for Lal Qila, Rs 4.039 mn for Balumbat, Rs 3.367mn for Manda, Rs 3.367 mn for Khaal, Rs 3.66 mn for Lower Dir Councils, Rs 7.61mn for DI Khan, Rs 6.71mn for Barawal, Sheringal Rs1.8mn, Larjam 1.9 million, for Upper Dir councils 4.7mn, for Hangu councils Rs5.5mn, for Haripur Rs 270 million, for TMA Khanpur 240 million, TMA Kundi 2.2mn, Rs1.67 million for Upper Kohistan Tehsils, Rs1.46 million for Karak, Rs4.46 million for Lower Kohistan, Rs1.117 million for Lower Kohistan, Rs5.0 million for TMA Ranolia, Rs2.35 million for Gambat, 7.17 million for Kohat Tehsil Councils, 94.225 million for TMA Kohat, Rs11.517 million for Lachi, Rs5.5 million for Ghazni Khel, Rs47.727 million for Tehsil Councils of Lakki Marwat, Rs23.4 million for TMA Bafa, Rs1.2 mn for Daraband, Rs 4.9mn for Mansehra tehsils and Rs 6.9mn for Malakand.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has provided Rs108 million for Mardan, Rs 58 million for TMA Bezai, Rs 5 million for Garhi Kapura, Rs 25 million for Katlang, Rs 298 million for Rustam, Rs 312 million for Cantonment Board Nowshera, Rs40 million for Tehsil Pabbi, Rs358.55 million for Jahangira, Rs249.16 million for Tehsil Councils of Nowshera, Rs14.516 million for Kolai Palas, Rs5 million for TMA Kolai, Rs83 million for Chamkani, Rs72.743 million for Shah Alam, Rs71 million for Badhaber and Rs80 million for Pishtakhara. Rs77.7 million for Mathra, Rs316 million for Peshawar City, Rs343.62 million for Tehsil Councils of Peshawar, Rs34.4 million for Shangla, 152.32 million for Swabi, 17.95 million for TMA Besham, Rs5.5 million for Martung, 25.499 million for Rajar and 14 million for TMA Topi, Rs 14 million for TMA Lahor, Rs2.4 for Barikot, 2.5mn for Kabal, 2.5mn for Charbagh, Rs2.5 mn for Bahrain.

Aziz Buneri
Aziz Buneri
Author is a senior journalist and working in the field of journalism since 2004. He covers Financial, Social, Political and regional issues for Pakistan today and Profit. He can reached at [email protected]
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