NDMA and natural disasters

THE National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) should have been proactive in its approach while dealing with disasters, but finds it convenient to merely issue public warnings to absolve itself of all responsibilities.

Recently, both the NDMA and the Water and Sanitation Authority (Wasa) issued warnings to the public to ensure their safety from floods, landslides, etc. If these agencies cared about the public, they would have ensured that the task to keep the nullahs and drains flowing was carried out before the monsoon started.

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Similarly, police and district administration also issue public warnings to the people to ensure their safety as muggers, swindlers and dacoits roam about freely. The intelligence agencies do the same, warning the public that terrorists have entered the country to carry out subversive activities, bomb blasts, etc. Why don’t they apprehend or kill the terrorists?

It is amazing and irritating that no agency tries to do what it is supposed to. If the people have to themselves worry about their safety in the face of both excessive rains and worsening law and order situation, what are the agencies meant to do other than drawing hefty salaries and perks?

Instead of taking proper actions to avoid loss of life or damage to property, the government departments routinely issue warnings so that in case of any tragedy or catastrophe they may stand absolved of any responsibility.

The government should take notice of such ‘warnings’ and direct all the relevant agencies to take full responsibility in their area of work, and to ensure that all tasks are carried out in a timely manner instead of asking the people to be on their toes.



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