Justice system

Dispensing justice to each and every individual of the state is the responsibility of the government. When there is equal dispensing of justice to every citizen, be it poor or rich, it depicts a prosperous society. If justice is given to the citizens, it produces a climate of peace and prosperity in the country.

The governance system which is prevalent in the country is both exploitative and oppressive. Exploitative in terms, elites are given economic benefits and many other perks, while, lower class is to be deprived of these perks and benefits, which create disparity among different classes of society. Oppressive is like that elites get themselves away from being incarcerated even if they have committed crimes and the poor stumble for justice in courts.

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Supremacy of the constitution cannot be upheld until every citizen can get what his rights are. Democracy cannot be uplifted until we come to know that democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people and not at the hands of those who use democracy through authoritarian nature.

The upper class in every aspect get benefits and defraud the poor ones. Higher ranks officials are given plots and many other perks from the assets of this country. Approximately about 20M Rupees are given to every retired higher rank official, which is the money of hard labourers of this country.

The justice system needs to be rectified so that every individual could get his right and an environment of peace be established.



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