JI continues campaign to drum up support for Karachi Rights Caravan

KARACHI: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), in connection with the Karachi Rights Movement, continues its door to door campaign to drum up support for the upcoming Karachi Rights Caravans to be taken out all across the city.

The caravans will be taken out on daily basis at one after another area of the megalopolis. The activity will be started in the first week of March.

For the past several days, JI workers have been approaching people across the city to update them in connection with the JI’s Karachi Rights Movement and to invite them to the caravans.

Meanwhile, protest demonstrations were held across the city, demanding the provincial government to curb the rising and deadly street crimes.

Addressing the demonstrations, the JI leaders demanded of the government to ensure proper and sufficient deployment of law enforcement officers to curb the crime instead of deploying them for protocol duties.

The JI leaders also condemned the PTI and the MQM for their contribution in ruining the city.

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