Excessive phone use

Yes, we have to admit that life without mobile phones will be difficult, considering our dependence on it. But no matter how useful it might be, we cannot ignore the underlying negative effects that cellphones can have on the mind and body.
Nomophobia is a proposed name for a phobia of not having your cellphone with you. About 50% of teenagers admit being addicted to their phones. They claim that they very quickly become anxious if their phones are not with them. The average person checks his/her phone once every 12 minutes — which means that he/she is picking up his phone approximately 80 times a day. In many instances, people become so addicted that checking their phone without a reason becomes a regular habit. Even when people are not using their phones, you might see them fidgeting with it. Studies show that such mobile addiction is often linked to cases of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. With the rage of social media, teenagers are becoming more and more obsessed with likes and comments on their posts, which has reduced their daily physical interactions, in turn leading to loneliness and anxiety.
Hammal Zahid

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