Investment in skills

Pakistan faces many financial issues which makes its power weaker on international levels. It has a number of opportunities. The only thing to overcome this crisis is the need for true leadership and dedication. Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of population and 34th in terms of area. Unfortunately, resources are scarce and problems are many. It is natural for people to have problems wherever they live. But the rate of problems in Pakistan is increasing day by day. There are many reasons behind this. The economy is at the forefront of all the difficulties that Pakistan is going through today. Weak economies have a direct impact on the people and the common man.

After 2020, we have seen how the world has gone through a transition in all aspects of life in terms of health, education, financing or in short in everything. We have noticed how our daily operations have changed. Likewise, financial opportunities are present particularly in online mediums. Now banks, other financial institutes have changed their functions into apps. Similarly, anyone can earn something if he or she has any skill. This phenomenon is called investment in skills. We bet you didn’t hear your skills as an investment opportunity. If you have any skill, make use of it. Polish your skill sets and earn decent returns in no time. Nowadays we hear a lot about freelancing, online job opportunities, online training, online learning and many more all these are the best sources to earn and to growth financially.

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The options are unlimited, all you need to do is identify your skillset and the things you love doing and earn through them. Investment in skill is the best option for our youth to become financially independent and stable. It provides the best medium to showcase their talent and skill in a certain field. Here we take an example of freelancing, in freelancing people or more specifically freelancers are self-employed people who provide services to multiple clients and earn money. They can set their own schedules, run their businesses and most importantly they have flexible lifestyles.

So, to earn and sustain life investment in skills is very important and it is the best platform for our youth. In the context of the Pakistani market, we see numerous individuals especially youth who are unemployed. Therefore, concept of investment in skills is the easiest and fair medium to earn. This method is more efficient and effective, it also gives us a sense of fairness in terms of work. One feature of this method is that anyone can invest in skills; it has no age limitations, no certification restriction. If you have any talent you can easily get an opportunity.

Azrah Bano and Shameen Baig


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