Curing corruption 

Corruption is the utilization of public offices, official positions, ranks status, and powers for private benefits. The word corruption is experienced almost everywhere. The most triggering spurs, which encourage corruption, are the paucity of transparency, ineffective accountability, and institutional vulnerabilities. Here, Everything is possible by spending a penny either legal or illegal. Owing to this shortcoming, corruption is continuing despite multiple preventive paces. Its hazardous implications are immense such as it is a big barricade to social, political, and economic development. Furthermore, It imposes its stringency and curse in multiple modes. These corrupt behaviors include bribery, fraud, embezzlement, nepotism, and appropriation of public assets and property for illicit use. It is verified that corruption spread is the yield of great neglect.

Lastly, The wise committee should be arranged to check the outcome of devised policies. Making policies isn’t a big act, but its complete implementation till its requisite results is a tremendous job. However, Plentiful policies are planned, but their fruits can’t be harvested. These are useless and futile in this regard.

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The useful conclusion can emerge that corruption is a proven fact, corruption hampers the countries from attaining development.  Firstly, Owing to massive corruption, many projects do not meet the deadlines timely. Their delays pose an adverse impact on the projects. Moreover, corrupt practices spoil/tarnish the quality of work and projects. As a result, Its bad consequences will be tolerated by both the government and the citizens. Besides them, Corruption breeds other costly social ailments like unemployment, poverty, and crime. These social disorders ruin the peace of society and plunge them into damaging elements.

Muhammad Afzal

Khairpur Mirs

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