Child abuse in Pakistan

Article 25 (1) of the Pakistani constitution states that “all citizens are equal  before Law and entitled to equal protection of Law”

Children also need to be protected but unfortunately  children are suffering from child abuse as

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Child  abuse is one of worst issue by which Pakistan is suffering . child abuse is an action of abusing the children when they are at a young age .children are abused sexually and also you say the child Labour one of the abuses on children when at young age they go for work they are beaten and sexually abused that makes their physical contact bad. There are many people who involve the children in bad works like drugs, sexual  participation and force them to do bad things .

Furthermore children are very innocent and are most vulnerable, least powerful and they are unable to protect themselves from the abusers. Child abusers often know how to emotionally manipulate  their intended victims , gaining their trust well in advance of the actual abuse . furthermore there were many children who were raped and killed in these following years , some of the following cases have occurred in workplace the issue is pending and children are unsafe  According to the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse (ISPCAN), overall ust41.69 percent respondents were sexually abused in one form or another. Child abuse is become social problem in Pakistan this all because of the poverty , the poor families who send their children for work and are often abused

In near 1,780 cases, children were abused by their acquaintances while service providers, such as teachers, shopkeepers and drivers, were involved in 91 such cases.  We live in such a sick society where fear of sending the children outside  when a children is abused  due  lack of support from family members, friends and neighbours or the community leads to the isolation of the victim, making him hesitant to share his experience about his abuser. and many of commit suicide  Besides other factors responsible for child abuse are socio-economic stresses; unemployment, low self-confidence and feelings of incompetence, loneliness. More ever, According to data released by an NGO, eight children were abused every day in Pakistan in one form or the other while 51pc of the victims were girls and 49pc boys and. 2,960 major crimes against children were reported in the four provinces, including Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) in 2020.

What is going on in our country is how our society is so sick and in the worst condition of kidnapping the children and abusing them. As the children are the future of the nation and it is a rising issue and media can also play an important role in it by creating awareness  and the government needs to establish stronger laws regarding children. If once better laws are made against child abusers children can be protected. As

Every child deserves to be safe in childhood and this is an achievable goal. to save the children from this scourge of abuse. And children should be look after make safe and child abusers must be punished for abusing the children .

Homer Jan Baloch 

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