It’s the mindset, not the clothes

Rape is never a result of how someone dresses; instead, it’s a power crime. Unfortunately, according to our dear PM Imran Khan, the onus is on women for getting sexually harassed. He thinks that men aren’t robots if they won’t be enticed by how a woman dresses. Women in an abaya, men in shalwar kameez and innocent boys and girls in their regular clothing get groped too. Imran Khan needs to know that his statement hurt the sentiments of women countrywide, and they deserve a long-overdue apology. If a statement about a religious minority was said and if feelings of religious minorities were hurt, there would be a video or tweet apologizing to them the next day. Imran Khan should’ve given a neutral response when asked; moreover, it explicitly looked from the interview that he hadn’t prepared any talking points and was extraordinarily spontaneous and brazen when he made that remark on women’s attire. He’s a leader of our nation; his words greatly influence a multitude of people. He should be careful about what he utters since his last comment proved he’s a rape apologist.

Vania Ali 

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