Train accident 

Two passenger trains have been collided in Dharki district Ghotki. It is said that at least 32 people have been died on the spot and more than 50 faced serious injuries. This incident occurred when Millat express was coming from Karachi it was detracted and collided with sir Syed express which was coming from Rawalpindi. According to commissioner of district Ghotki 12 to 14 bogies were derailed from track.

This incident occurred at 4 am morning 7june. Many people were trapped in the wreckage for hours because heavy machinery reached after long time due to difficult path to rescue passengers.

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The major reasons of train incidents are owing to lake of track maintenance, older engine and signal issue, other political interference and corruption and poor infrastructure which leads railway of Pakistan on this stage.

This is not the first-time train accident has happened. History has recoded many incidents. 2019 is one of the deadly years in the railway history.  In 2019, 73 people burnt alive when gas cylinder burnt out in the train bogy in which 90 percent of people burnt alive in fire. Same year in July 2019 another incident happens in which 21 people died in Akbar July 2020, 20 people died in Shah Hussain express.

Prime Minister of Pakistan has bee shocked and taken notes of the incident. People have been irritated from notice. Many inquiries have been submitted but no positive result has come out yet. Public demand railways reforms on immediate basis to run railway. When we look after economic condition of Pakistan railway it is under great burden on economy. According government statistics it has 35 to 46 billion deficits in 2020. China ML-1 project will impact Pakistan railway. It has been delayed it would have not started yet.

Federal government must take rapid action and announce immediate reform in Pakistan railway to secure it from further ruin. Political interference has turmoiled image Pakistan railway. Federal government should take immediate steps to stop further incidents and responsible people should be held accountable for this incident.

Shamin Humayun

Mirpur Khas 

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