Widening gender gap 

Gender disparity is a decades-long problem which has yet a long way to go. Despite raising voices, women’s lives are as endangered as ever. According to’ Global Gender Gap Report 2021, Pakistan was ranked second last among eight countries in South Asia. It indicates how x-gender is treated in Pakistan. Compared to 2020, Pakistan’s gender gap has increased by 0.7 % in 2021. Women must have the equal privilege to contribute to different social activities; they must be socially empowered so that their voices and decisions are valued. As per statics of Unicef, 22.8 million children are out of school among which 60 percent are girls and 40 percent are boys. This shows how girls are facing education crisis. It’s about time the government did something effective to close this gender gap. The government should ensure that women are paid equally and acknowledged in each sector they contribute to.

Iqra Kareem 

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