LESCO fails to control load-shedding in summer

LAHORE: In the midst of the rising heat and load-shedding, LESCO officials have said the field staff has been placed on high alert to accommodate the customers’ complaints.

According to the officials, the heavy load on transformers and feeder resulted in the machinery tripping across the provincial capital.

Moreover, the spokesperson of LESCO said that emergency materials, including transformers, have been provided to all sub-divisions on the directives of the LESCO Chief.

The spokesperson also added, “LESCO’s field staff and emergency squads are committed to customer convenience and redressal of grievances despite the hot weather. Timely redressal of consumer grievances is being made possible in all cases.”

Citizens faced a lot of disturbance during the night in the hot weather. A resident of Lahore, Saleem Shah, while explaining the scenario said: “LESCO should have been well prepared, keeping in view the upcoming summers. They always remain unprepared for such times and do not equip themselves as per weather conditions.”

Another resident of Gulberg, Akhtar Hussain, expressed his distress over the situation and said that LESCO has failed every year in the summers to meet the situation.

Afzal Shah, an officer in a government department, said: “It is high time of the year when the closing of accounts is going on. We have to sit for more hours and manage the work. In this hot weather, and so much load shedding we are unable to work because the computers cannot operate and load shedding does not end.”

Fatima Asghar, a resident of Model Town, explained how the high-end areas of Lahore were not spared from the electricity shortage, lamenting on the fact that the lack of power was adversely affecting her elderly parents’ health, who suffered due to the heat and changing temperatures.

Consumers are requested to call 042-99205462, 042-99205461, 0320-0520888 and contact the LESCO Helpline 118 as well as SMS to 8118 for redressal of any individual complaints related to electricity.

Shahab Omer
The writer is a member of the staff and can be reached on [email protected]


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