Judge admonishes FIA over ‘poor performance’ in harassment cases

KARACHI: A court in Karachi on Saturday admonished the officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) investigating cases of harassment of women on social media for their poor performance and directed them to submit a report on the next hearing.

Raged, Karachi East District and Sessions Judge Khalid Hussain Shahani made one of the investigating officers (IOs) to stand in the suspects’ dock as punishment.

On the occasion, Judge Shahani remarked that not a single officer of Cyber Crime Circle appeared in the court fully prepared. “I have been sitting here since morning. And all IOs have told me that they have left their one or two documents at home,” he regretted.

“If you have not brought case files with you, then why have you come to the court then?” the judge asked.

He expressed the surprise that whenever he inquired about progress on cases of harassment, these officers told him that parties to the case were close to reaching a settlement.

“What is this?” Judge Shahani said and added: “I don’t know on what criterion these people have been recruited as investigation officers. They don’t even look like officers.”

“It appears they have been recruited only to mint money,” he wondered.


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