Rebuilding World after COVID-19

The Hazardous Plague COVID-19 has not only cause massive genocide across the globe but has also put the world economy on vent. According to the World Bank report after 1952 for the first time Pakistan’s GDP will face decline. Pakistan is an underdevloping country and enjoys the reputation of financially fragile country one can straightforwardly expect this kind of graphic figure from our country after competing with such deadly pandemic. But here those countries who dreamed and desired to rule the world on the touchstone of their potent economy are facing challenge to overcome the mutilation caused by this ongoing syndrome. The world mainly those countries who are part of “power game” are not new to these set of circumstances, they have caused, faced and convalesced from tragedies in past also. America since its independence has anticipated to rule the world and in order to meet that desire it has done many misadventures to the world. Invention of nuclear bomb and instigating massive desolation through it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Massacre in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan in the name of war against terrorism, War against Vietnam and wreckage of USSR are few ruthless attempts made by America on its way to rule the world.

By means of 1952 peace treaty the occupation over japan ended, after that japan began to heal the wounds of World War II and after a passage of time emerged as an progressive and economically stable country. Despite of wreckage Russia managed to uphold its distinct status among the comity of nations and made its way to Security Council with the authority to “VETO” the decisions of Security councils. Progress of countries emerging on the map of the world as a result USSR’s wreckage is also archetypal. On the other hand countries like Italy, France, Germany and Spain were in the race to lead the European Union after the backtracking of Great Britain has also sustained irreparable loss as a result of COVID19 outbreak.

America’s stance to opt the path of negotiations with Afghan Taliban shows that their ballistic mindset has changed now. Stalwart politician and ideologist Henry Kissinger has suggested trump to come out and play a positive role for steering world out of this quagmire. Around 200 countries are under the onslaught of this plague and has adversely affected the resources of those countries. It is High time for the countries of the world to combat collectively and recover collectively.

Kamran Khamiso Khowaja


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