School closed in Thatta after nine students contract coronavirus

SUJAWAL: A public school in Thatta was closed down on Monday for a week after nine students were diagnosed with coronavirus.

The samples of the students and the teachers were collected last week, out of which nine came back positive.

The school closure is a precautionary measure for disinfection, said the District Health Officer (DHO).

Pakistan shut its schools and postponed exams in November to try to curb new coronavirus infections and a rise in the number of people in hospitals with Covid-19 before reopening them in phases in January.

The decision to close schools, officials had said, was based on an increase in the rate of positive test results in the country.

Throughout the Covid-19 period, Prime Minister Imran Khan ruled out a wide-ranging lockdown, opting to close down non-essential public gatherings in a bid to keep the economy afloat through the pandemic.

On January 30, two public schools in Lahore were sealed after the detection of four new cases of coronavirus in students and teachers.


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