Freedom for Kashmiris

Kashmir is the biggest issue in the world which shows a very bad sign for Pakistan since the Kashmiris only want freedom and be part of Pakistan but very sadly the world is silent just seeing India’s bad acts and not having courages to fight against human rights. However, the world praises those personalities who are like immortal ones since till today their efforts are appreciated. And in reality, Kashmir is a disputed part of India which is ignored and even we think the world’s complete sufferings are on them declared by India. It is no more bearable since Pakistan along with the world and especially Human Rights organization should understand the voice of Kashmir as if they are prisoned. And in daily basis, their cryful demand is to be part of Pakistan since India is no more capable of giving their fundamental rights. Instead of loving and caring them, the soldiers try to kill them and do cruelty. I would request the world to raise Kashmir issue and all countries should take steps for supporting Kashmiris and celebrating Kashmir’s day as we do it on every 5th February of the years. , the world is failed for asking their requirements from a authorities for this issue as we should little think about humanity that is not for one community but for complete world no matter they are poor or rich.


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