Kashmir conflict

Kashmir dispute is a burning question today which requires world attention and a major solution. There would not be any peace and stability in the subcontinent until this long standing counondorm is not solved. It erupted long before when British sold the beautiful Kashmir Valley to Ghulab Singh in 1886 . When Pakistan came into existence Kashmiries preferred to join Pakistan. India sent its troops to the valley and occupied. Furthermore, Kashmiries sought help from thier Pakistani brothers. Pakistan had to help them. The conflict started and is still going on. A part of Kashmir was liberated. The conflict was acceded to UNO( United Nations Organization). The UNO promised to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. India agreed it in the beginning. The war ended but India backed out of its promise. India is trying to govern Kashmir by power but muslims there are full of faith and not accepting India’s cruelty. India is frequently bracking the barriers Indian soldier enter Kashmiries house rape ladies in front of thier beloved ones those women that insist to do so then they throw bombs destroy the village and create choas situation in the whole valley. Those citizens that resist Indian soldiers arrest and imprison them. These kinds of henious crimes on daily basis have now become a norm in Kashmir. If Kashmir were a part of Britian and USA or in Kashmir Western Nationalities were being killed by another military and country then there would be panel talks widespread and United Nations would have conducted sessions worldwide. But this is all happening with muslim papulation in Kashmir which is why UNO and humman rights organizations are asleep. Pakistan and muslim world strike on 5th of February every year to pay solidarity to Kashmir and rise its issue. Now it is time to focus on Kashmir issue  and we should compell the world so called superpower countries to solve this issue. Only the 5th of February must not be the day for Kashmir. Our respective leadership should rise this issue anytime when they go on visits abroad. Only passing comments on Kashmir day and releasing songs is not going to solve the issue.

Meer Afzal 

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