Gwadar stadium

It has been a few days that there are trends on social media and reports on television channels about Gawadar Cricket Stadium since International Cricket Council ( ICC ) on Sunday posted multiple pictures of the newly built Gawadar Cricket Stadium on its social media pages asking fans if they’ve seen a more picturesque’ venue in the world.

“Show us more picturesque sports venue than the Gawadar Cricket Stadium in Balochistan, we’ll wait….” The recent pictures of the Gawadar Cricket Stadium were clicked by Pakistani TV personality and Sports Commentator Fakhr_e_ Alam. He himself urged cricket lovers to visit the stadium.

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Furthermore, being in the very middle of natural hills Gawadar Cricket Stadium presents a tremendous view. It presents a unique view from top of the hills.

Lastly, as International Cricket Council (ICC) has had its best wishes for the newly built Gawadar Cricket Stadium now it is the responsibility of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to explore this beautiful venue and make this dream come true for the fans.

I urge PCB to host at least two or three matches of Pakistan Super league (PSL) in Gawadar Cricket Stadium it will attract the world’s attention and will become an international vanue for Pakistan to host international matches.

Meer Afzal


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