Would dalits benefit from farmers’ protest?’

Will the change to the Oppressed People's Movement help caste Hindus overcome their prejudices?

On India’s Republic Day, some farmers climbed up ramparts of the Red Fort and hoisted the Khalsa flag. Some BJP workers took the opportunity to label the farmers’ “traitors”. A section of the media projected farmers’ leader Rakesh as a retired constable. Disgusted at the vilification campaign, even Capt (Red) Amarinder Singh had to condemn police violence during the Republic Day march and the mud-slinging. Fearing police action, some groups of farmers made a beeline back to their villages. Seeing the thinning crowd, Rakesh burst into tears and made an impassioned appeal to the farmers to stay back.

The tearful appeal galvanized the protesters. Not only the farmers but also students and people from all walks of life surged to join the protesting farmers. The protest, earlier galvanized by Bhim  Sena chief `Chandrashekhar Azad’s participation, further widened in scope. It truly became the All-India Oppressed People’s Movement.

Dr B.R. Ambedkar, chairman of India’s constituent assembly called the low-caste community; he himself belonged to,dalit, a Sanskrit word which means “broken”. In everyday usage, it is synonymous with “downtrodden”. The British preferred to call them “oppressed”. Gandhi felt that the word “dalit” had a pejorative undertone, if not altogether an affront to the Dalit community’s sentiments. So he ‘called them harijans (children of God)’.

Who are the dalit?

Hindu society divides people into Brahmans, Kshatriya, Visya and Shudra. Jati is used to denote the different divisions of a varna. Thus there are jatis like Namasudra, Rajbangsi, Paundra, Hadi, Dom, Nadar, Mahar, Mang, and Chamar among the Sudras including the Atisudas (that is those who are untouchable). Accordingly Tipsily Jati and Tipsily Janajati are used for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes respectively.

Though India is nominally (de jure) a secular republic, the people practically act upon the Hindu law code as explained in Manusmriti. This code prescribes monitoring by the community and punishment for violation of caste codes, such as excommunication, social and economic boycott of the shudras or dalits and other violent forms. Thus the community acts as a police force. The Manusmriti prescribes heinous punishments such as flogging, slitting of the tongue, thrusting of an iron rod or hot oil into the moth and ears, severing limbs, slit on buttocks, lips to be gashed, urinating into the mouth and ears, cutting of hands, the death penalty, corporal punishment, cutting the offending part of the body and destruction of property, burning on a fire shaving with urine and so on to the untouchables or dalits for violation of the caste code.

The farmers’ movement may engulf the whole society. However it remains to be seen whether upper castes would shed their religious fads against dalits.

The BJP erected Manu’s ststue in front of the Rajasthan High Court as it regards him as the father of the religionised legal code of caste inequality. He commands religious adherence as a symbol of justice. The Dalit community staged several protests against erection of the statue, but to no avail.

Dalit are notorious for disrespecting cows. But, when a cow dies, high caste Hindus ask him to dispose of it. In India, a cow is more respectable than a Dalit. Fanatical Hindus have demanded that a cow should be treated as a citizen.

Mr Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma of the Rajasthan High Court talked in detail about the benefits of cows in A 193-page judgment. His judgment, a mélange of scriptures and law, glistens with hijinks like ‘Peacocks Don’t Have Sex’, ‘Cow is a Surgeon’, `a complete pharmacy’, and Cow is a ‘National Animal’. The judge says in his verdict: “Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared cows as national animals. India is a predominant agriculture country based on animal rearing. As per Article 48 and 51A (g) it is expected from the state government that they should take action to get a legal entity for cows in this country.” Later, in a TV interview, the judge said, “The peacock is a lifelong brahmachari (celibate). He never has sex with the peahen. The peahen pecks on the tears of the peacock to get pregnant. That’s how she gives birth to a peacock or a peahen.

This is why Lord Krishna also wears the peacock feather. This is why the peacock feather is used by sadhus.” The judge revealed that when Lord Krishna came to earth, he brought down a cow with him to Vrindavan. And he knew that the cow could suffice for doctors and surgeons because cow’s milk is medicinal in nature, and cures all kinds of ailments (except insanity).

The judge’s reflections are not the first-ever ‘scientifically inaccurate and outright asinine’ outbursts Earlier, Rajasthan education minister Vasudev Devnani proudly proclaimed, defying all boundaries of human knowledge about mammals, that the holy cow is the only animal that inhales as well as exhales oxygen. Speaking at the Hingonia Goshala during an event organised by Akshay Patra foundation on January 14, the minister said, “Gai  ekmatra prani hai jo oxygen grahan karta hai, aur oxygen hi chhorhta hai (The cow is the only animal that takes in oxygen and also releases oxygen).” “It increases religiousness and piousness. This is what makes  cow’s milk so important”.

It is repugnant to common sense that cow milk alone could cure malaria, dengue, smallpox, Ebola and AIDS.

The farmers’ movement may engulf the whole society. However it remains to be seen whether upper castes would shed their religious fads against dalits.

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Amjed Jaaved
Amjed Jaaved
The writer is a freelance journalist, has served in the Pakistan government for 39 years and holds degrees in economics, business administration, and law. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Amjed Jaaved, as in past, this time again starting from Farmer’s agitation in India, ended ranting about Hindu/Muslim, Dalit, cow and what not. In his “Pre/post Nabi Arabian Cultural Jahillya” and regular Randi Rona, while referring Dalits, he has forgotton to mention about treatment of slaves in Islam or Muslim Dalits in Pakistan.

    I am not sure whether Amjad Javed is a Brahmin like Sayyads or Quraish or for that matter an Ashraf, Azlaf or Arzal? I suggest him to go on Haj and watch the Brahmanism followed by families of Mulla, Shaker, Rayes, Al-Abbas, Hadrawi, Basnawi, Khouj, Marouf and Faydah etc. right in Harem for its upkeep and understand what the CASTE SYSTEM is? His continuous blabbers on such issues suggest that he may be a Muslim Choorha, bhangi, jamadaar, Kunjra, Churihara, Dhobi, Hasnati, Bhanar, Halalkhor, Hijra, Kasbi, Lalbegi, Maugta, Mehtar, Mirasi, Darzi, Taki or Kamin of Pakistan? 😁 If not, please concentrate about their welfare.

    As he quoted Manusmriti (one out of thousands of scriptures of Hinduism), I suggest him to read more about ‘Varnavyavastha’ on which this scripture deliberated.

    The ancient social divisions (in any society) were based on Karma (performance) and not on ancestry? The continued performance of particular act for generations results in Specialism. This ‘Specialism’ or ‘Varnavyavastha’ is also helping society in avoiding the cruel competition in society on the basis of physical and mental capabilities. In today’s India many so called Dalits like Mayawati or Mira Kumar or Chirag Paswaan represents the modern Brahmanism. Yes, if it starts degrading the social structure, it needs to be broken. Indian Nationl Congress is best example of it. Bro, Muslims around the world are also not immune to this so called Casteism. It is also fact that when such sectarianism starts affecting smooth governance of society, the saints are borne, break it and bring the society back on track. Like Nabi (PBHU), Dayanand Saraswati and Guru Nanakdevare all examples of it from the Land of Pure. Have you ever analyzed the difference in teachings of Hazrath Muhammad before Hijra (in Madina) and after conquering Makkah? Isn’t it fact that today followers of Islam, as a class, do not consider themselves as Brahmin in larger world and others as low caste? If I start quoting facts from Islam this space will be short. So please keep your mouth shut on your Muslim Kaminapanti. True, how a madarassa (of specific Firqua) educated understand about apartheid practiced in Pakistan when the nation itself is known as the ‘ISLAMIC’ Republic of Pakistan? Can you give some explanation as to why Hazara’s or Ahmadiya’s are made to flee from Pakistan and dwindling population of Christian and Hindus? Isn’t it apartheid of worst kind?

    Please understand more about segregation of any society in Firquaparasti and its eventual degradation into Jahillya. The process of society’s correction by saints like Hazarath Musa, Issa, Nabi, Nanak or Dayanand Saraswathi in Hinduism or Buddhism it is called it operation of ‘Kalchakra’. On abrasion, every society tends to bring itself back on right course except static Jahilly from desserts which was last brought on right path by Nabi. A contemporary expression of ‘ManuSmiriti’ in Islam is available in writings of ‘Ziauddin Barani’ a Turkish scholar? Read it in detail. As to cow, I suggest Amjad Jawed to shed his Pre/Post Nabi Arabian Cutural Jahillya on such issues and read Noble Book Surah Al-Baqarah (2.67-71) to enlighten himself under “Noor-e-illahi”. This may probably make him wiser. 😁

  2. Dalits should seriously consider getting their homeland by carving up India. This way they can live with honour and not be treated as fourth class citizens by the upper caste Hindus. They have sufficient numbers to demand this. All it needs is a leader as they have already been driven to despair through murders and raping of their women

    • ‘No Khan Ka Bachha’ have any right to call himself as Khan, Pathan or Pushtu. This is till his motherland is under subjugation of PakJabi Miltablishment’s control. I suggest them to read sec. 2(2)(c) of the Indian Independence Act, 1947 and understand about the position of NWFP under partition plan. Read more about Pak-Afghan Relations, Kudai Khidmadgaar Khans and their land upto the banks of River Sindh. 😏

      Hundreds of Pushtoon have been killed in Operations like Azab-ka-Jazba (Jarb-e-Ajab). Shall I list the name of Horror Operations in which millions of children have suffered? Over Lakh have been killed and over a million have been made Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Air Raids, Tank and Artillery shelling of Boots in these areas. Have you ever heard of Army killing its own citizenry by indiscriminate AirRaids, Bombardments and firing? … Aur Tum Yahan Aik Muslim Choorha, bhangi, jamadaar, Kunjra, Churihara, Dhobi, Hasnati, Bhanar, Halalkhor, Hijra, Kasbi, Lalbegi, Maugta, Mehtar, Mirasi, Darzi, Taki, Kamin Kee Taraha Hindustani Daliton Ko Ro Rahe Ho? Shame on you. Khan Se Khansama Ho Gaye Ho. 😏

      Dost, the Boots which you are carrying on your head, Ne NWFP, FATA/PATA Main Pushoon Ka, Aur Baluchistan Main Bloch Ka Maar Maar Kar Bhurta Bana Diya, Uspe Dar Ke Maare Aapka Aik Alfaaz Nahin Nikalta? Aur Apen Aap Ko Niazi Kee Tarah Khan Kehte Ho. Doob Maro.😠😠

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