“When you can no longer laugh at yourself, it is the time for others to laugh at you,” said Thomas Szasz. But to err is human. There is no human living in the world without committing a mistake in life. However, one of the life lessons is, your best teacher is your last mistake. A mistake can teach, guide and show you the correct path if you heed to it. But it can shatter you when repeated and made a habit. When you laugh at your mistakes, people will never get the chance to laugh at you. But you will become the jest of every discussion if you don’t realize your mistakes. As it is said, committing a mistake is not a mistake but repeating a mistake is blunder. Especially, in the learning process, there is no better tool than the mistake to learn from. When you master your mistake, you will become perfect one day. You will improve and enhance after mastering a mistake. The mistakes will teach you which the path is not and make your way clear for you. To look it from other angles, you commit various mistakes in the life: some fade away by the time. Some last till your last breath. And some perpetuate. Committing a mistake first time in life is evitable but the same second time is your choice. Always keep in mind if you are repeating the same mistake then you are choosing to do so. That is not considered a mistake but a choice of yours. A choice is made by decision of mind. And get to know, it is the worst decision when a person chooses to commit a mistake. Choosing to commit a mistake becomes a habit gradually. And that’s going to drag you towards the evil. When you choose to do it, it soon becomes a part of your life. As it becomes of part of your life your conscience will die within you. You never regret doing it. Your conscience will make you regret the first time you commit a mistake. When the mistake becomes the part of life thereafter it zips its mouth. The time it zips its mouth beware you have become an addict of your mistake. Abstain from the work which for your conscience blames you. That will be the wisest decision ever; else your choice to commit the mistake will make it a habit and it will make you repent one day.

Jehangir Jameel

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