Gas issue in Pakistan

Gas issue Pakistan is in the grip of gas crisis these days. Consecutive gas outages have made citizen’s lives miserable. Domestic customers are being forced to cook on wood or purchase LPG, which is very expensive. The situation in Karachi is grimmer than other cities. Most people live in apartments here. They cannot use wood stoves for cooking purposes. Compulsorily, they have to buy expensive LPG. The poor are in great trouble owing to ongoing suspension of gas. On the other hand, the industrialists in the mega city are also furious, as the recent gas issue is pushing their industries towards closure. The closure of industries means to snatch employment from the people associated with them. As per a news, Pakistan is facing gas shortfall of around 1,700 mmcfd these days. The gas utility firms are supplied a cumulative 4,300 mmcfd as compared to aggregated demand of 6,500 mmcfd. Authorities concerned must take on this issue and make emergent arrangements of gas for domestic customers as well as the industries. Otherwise, the situation will get worse for citizens and the government would hardly tackle it.

Naeem Ur Rehmaan Shaaiq

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