Delay in vaccination

Covid 19 pandemic has been causing health and economic crises throughout the world for the last one year . The carnage is still on. But now at least 4 Covid 19 Vaccines have been approved . Many countries have already launched aggressive vaccination programme . Pakistan has not yet rolled out Covid 19 vaccine  programme . What’s is causing the delay ? Is it lack of advance thinking and forward planning ? Or is it because government is too much preoccupied fighting the opposition political leadership of the country? It is a matter of great concern that we yet to have the first jab of Covid 19 Vaccine in the arm whereas many countries in the world have already launched massive  Vaccination  programme . For example UAE has already vaccinated 2.4 million residents which is around 24% of It’s  population  during the last two weeks . Look at our neighbouring country India which has started few weeks ago a ambitious programme to vaccinate around 300 million people by August 2021 at 3,000 Vaccination Centres throughout the country. Those countries who have already started mass vaccination program for Covid 19 will be the first to overcome health crisis and recover from current economic  slowdown .Therefore , I believe we must expedite launching mass Covid 19 vaccination programme.

Ejaz Ahmad Magoon 

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