Protecting journalists 

A very bad thing is very common in our society that is honour killings. Apart from this, journalists are targeted alot in this modern Pakistan. And seeing this bad accident, no one has taken an action or responsibility to undertake the issue fast. And the article continues to talk regarding the life of journalists as the UN Human Rights Office expressed it’s concerns over the killing of media personnel in Pakistan. And next the death of Shaheena who was a woman journalist was also killed . And according to the UNESCO data, four journalists have been killed in 2020 alone and 60 individuals belonged to the media industry have been killed in the country in 1997. As the killings of such personalities continued and no one has yet gained justice. Sadly, the CPJ had ranked Pakistan among the top 12 countries for journalists. Pakistan is along stayed with Philippines. And due to weak economy and political disputes the deaths of journalists are increasing day by day till now as well.


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