Real face of Mufti Qawi

A mufti Arabic:( مفتي) is an Islamic scholar and deeply discusses an issue where his words are based on actuality, and give (fatwa) on a point of Islamic law (sharia). The word mufti titled to those who have more knowledge than (ulhmas). In fact, they talk about issues on the basis of (Quran) and solve the matter from the roots. In societies these scholars are highly regarded with due respect. Likewise, Mufti Abdul Qawi is a religious personality from Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. He joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party in 2013 but was later expelled from the party. No doubt, the duration of 2016-17 Mufti Qawi videos got viral with Qandeel Baloch, for which he used to blame only Qandeel. Further, has more horrible activities and viewpoints, such as in 2020 he was dancing with a Chinese woman, he argued it has been screened and not based on reality. Besides this, he was the member of Ruet-e-hilal committee but due to scandal videos with Qandeel and his party membership was suspended after the incident. He has different viral videos with tiktoker Hareem Shah, and the new video he used to highlight vulgar discussions. Yet he won’t blame himself.

Waleed Lal

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