Man kills wife, four kids for ‘honour’

After being arrested, Imran confessed to committing the crime, the police said, adding that it was a case of "honour killing" as per the confession.

GUJRANWALA: A man killed his wife and four children in Gujranwala on Thursday, police said.

The murders, police informed, were committed by the woman’s husband, who was identified as Imran. After being arrested, Imran confessed to committing the crime, the officals said, adding that it was a case of “honour killing” as per the confession.

Police added that the accused also confessed to “killing all of his children who woke up from their sleep and witnessed him killing their mother.”

Cases of violence against women appear to be on a rise in the country as several cases of honour killing were reported earlier this month.

A man identified as Liaquat Sher allegedly killed his sister over suspicion of having “illicit relations” with a boy in Ubauro, a town in Sindh’s Ghotki district to save his “honour,” as per the reports.

The suspect, however, managed to escape arrest and fled before he could be detained.

In another case of ‘honour killing’, a man allegedly axed his wife to death in Khairpur’s Piryalo Town in the first week of January 2021. According to police, the suspect tried to flee after killing his wife, but he was apprehended.

During interrogation, the person, according to police, “confessed” to his crimes and said that he had killed his wife “for having an affair with another person”.


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