Welcome 2021

December has ended which calls for a farewell to the year 2020 with all the pain, pandemic, and good it brought. I hope and pray that the worst is over and 2021 will bring in good news and respite for us. With the vaccine insight, we can hope that humankind will eventually beat the menace of Coronavirus. The farmers are done with the sowing of Rabi crops and hoping for rain and respite in the coming months. Though the bone chilling cold is at its peak, it will be over in the coming months. As Shakespeare said, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Spring indeed is not far behind. The spring will bring great warm weather and hopefully we will start getting vaccines for the Coronavirus. The farmers will start preparing for harvesting their crops. Hopefully, the government will provide timely support and guidance to farmers so that we have a bumper crop that rids us of dependence on imports. The government must also devise a clear plan for the administration of the Coronavirus vaccine to avoid chaos. The government must also make timely preparations to deal with abrupt and early monsoons, which has been the pattern for the last few years due to climate changes. Finally, I hope that our politicians for once shun the futile farcical mudslinging against each other and genuinely start thinking of people and Pakistan. Let us pray to the Almighty to shower His blessings on our country and its people, Amin.

Raja Shafaatullah



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