360 brick kilns in Kasur converted to zigzag technology

KASUR: As many as 360 brick kilns have been switched over to zigzag technology in Kasur district while other kilns owners were being forced to convert to latest technology.

Talking to APP here on Saturday, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Assistant Director Noman Younis said the process of converting kilns to zigzag technology was in progress which would be completed by end of next month.

He said 85 brick kilns were sealed for creating pollution while cases against 12 kiln owners were got registered in the district.

He claimed the district Kasur was leading with regard to converting brick kilns to zigzag technology.


  1. I’m from Raja Jang Disst Kasur the given information is almost wrong there no such technologies in our area’s brick kiln.

  2. This information is just fake. No brick kilns sealed in our kasur market. Receive bribery 2 lac per bhatta and let their owner start the bricks kilns

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