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It was the hubris of victory! We mean, the hubris of what was painstakingly made to look like a victory!

PM-designate Imran Khan wanted to have a big bash at his oath-taking, with many celebrities making it to Pakistan to attend.

These included Bollywood A-listers like Amir Khan and Indian D-listers like will-laugh-at-anything Navjot Singh Sidhu.

The powers that be, of course, took stock of the situation. If we wanted things to be hunky-dory with India, Nawaz Sharif was fine. Know your place!

Khan, it appears, isn’t empowered enough to choose his own guest list at the inauguration.


The country’s finances might be going to the dogs but the elite are still living it up.

Sales of international designer items are through the roof amongst the swish set. Close your eyes to what exists outside the bungalows and you’re in SoHo or Central London.

Governments may come and go, the glitterati will live it up.


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