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SIU catches 33 offenders during Ramazan

Special Investigation Unit (SIU), in a crackdown in Ramazan against extortionists and target killers, arrested 33 criminals and seized heavy ammunition including cracker bombs and Kalashnikovs. The operation was carried out under

Power minister cuts a ‘sorry’ figure

One should not forget that the government had just cleared the entire circular debt a year before July and there were no system constraints. Every machine was running to its capacity. Now the circular debt has reared its head. Fuel supplies have been squeezed; the sector is getting around 22,000 tons furnace oil against total the demand of around 36,000 tons. So, the situation is bound to worsen.

Keep an eye on Ramazan Bazaars

Bilal Yasin ask MPAs to monitor Bazaars to ensure quality of edibles All provincial ministers and assembly members will check four Ramazan bazaars daily in the districts allotted to them, said Punjab

The price of Ramazan

Consumers suffer at the hands of profiteers who loot them with both hands in the holy month Helpless consumers in this multi-ethnic commercial hub of the country wonder what change Prime Minister