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Pak-US relations

Irreparable damage? So after triggering a financial spat with the EU, a trade war with China, sanctioning Russia, killing the Iran deal and muscling a currency collapse in Turkey, Donald Trump has

Poor ranking on the GII

Not surprising given the circumstances Pakistan ranked 109 (113 in 2017) out of 126 countries in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2018 owing largely to relentless political uncertainty that has persisted for

Welcoming the new government

And keeping close watch PTI’s latest press release, indicating that the oath taking would take place now on Aug18 and it would feature prominent friends from across the border, typifies the party’s

Reaching out to Moscow

Russian deputy defence minister’s landmark visit The nadir of Pak-Russia relations was hit during the Cold War when on May 1, 1960, a CIA U-2 spy plane taking off from a secret

Needles in a haystack

Is there a place for them in Naya Pakistan? “Naya Pakistan will be based on, and driven by, merit,” stated Fawad Chaudhry in his press conference at Bani Gala on August 04, 2018.

Relationship with US

Trust based? No doubt the most important foreign policy challenge for the new government would be resetting the relationship with the United States. And since Imran Khan has been perhaps the most