It ain’t over

Women vow to fight on On March 8, half of Pakistan’s population joined more than 50 percent of the people living in this world to celebrate their existence. On Women’s Day, the

RIP Afzal Kohistani

Who’s responsible? What does it say about the state that seven years after highlighting one of the country’s most notorious cases of honour killings, Afzal Kohistani was gunned down in a crowded

Paraphrasing Pulwama

And what it means The recent border skirmishes between Pakistan and India over Pulwama incident in the age of mobile technology and internet communication system will have an altogether different impact on

First Chohan then Vawda

Unforced errors The rapid spread of foot-in-mouth disease, so to speak, in the senior echelons of PTI gives rise to a couple of important questions. One, whatever possessed these gentlemen, Fayyaz Chohan