Violence in North Waziristan

Latest wave has to be nipped in the bud The recent uptick in violence in North Waziristan has once again brought into question the stability and future of the war-torn tribal area.

No Eid prayers 

The largest number of cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, has been in Saudi Arabia, which normally sees millions of Muslims descend on the holy cities of Mecca and

Global warming

Global warming’ is an expression which refers to the effect of human activities that produces the unnatural change on the climate. It is an increase in earth‘s temperature due to burning of

Corona virus rumors

Now a days Corona Virus is one of the major issues around the world. Most of the countries are fighting against this virus. There are many myths on social media such as

Following procedure

And respecting the law One of the most common features of past and present civilian governments is a propensity to undermine or overlook protocol, procedure and the legality of important and sensitive

Solitary time

Sometimes, it’s first-rate to take the street alone, and walk it alone. Sometimes you may need to cry it a bit, scream, or hit something, and simply release all the unspoken words

PIA crash tragedy

PIA plane flying from Lahore has crashed into model colony near Jinnah International Airport Karachi. The PIA spokesperson confirmed there was 107 passengers including staff on board the flight from Lahore. The