Shah Nawaz Mohal

Witnessing human zoo

March of humanity continues in shared cages where they fight against alienation and hanker after happiness in shopping bags Our cage is cramped, food is getting scarce for many, for others misery

The TLP issue

Long-term solution? While much of the local press, and indeed wider public, has appreciated action taken against TLP in the ‘better late than never’ spirit, it is time for the government to,

Hasan Aftab Saeed

Hijab or purdah

There’s more controversy than there needs to be Some things in life never change. Almost every week there’s a heated debate on the social media about hijab or purdah. Most men have

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Treason it is

For TLP it’s pay time The newly formed PTI government hit a roadblock when they were faced with the TLP protests. The extremist protests wreaked havoc and created a ruckus for the

White Lies

What goes around, comes around. The offshore accounts of the First Sister (?) are being thrown in the Prime Minister’s face. A bit unfair to do so, you ask? That she is

Mahnoor Sheikh

Kartarpur Corridor

A ray of hope, or not? The Indian and Pakistani governments’ decision to develop Kartarpur border corridor to facilitate Sikh pilgrims is a welcome move as it can help bridge the gap

Umair Jamal

Khan’s 100 days in power

Enough talk, time for action! Imran Khan’s first 100 days in power have been ridden with promises and the government’s good intentions to bring measurable constructive change. The area of foreign policy

Omer Javed

Public Service Reform – V

Improving public servants’ learning curve The technocratic public representative will also give option to political parties to have a better pool for selecting parliamentary members for ministerial positions, especially those dealing with

Opaqueness and cover-ups

Is this going to characterise PTI’s style of governance? After naming and shaming leaders of the two previous administrations for begging for loans from friendly countries and IMF, the PTI too is treading the same