Just whose money runs the world? The Pakistani rupee retraced an historic low this week, touching 138 against the US dollar. Given the International Monetary Fund’s conditions, the currency is expected to

Remshay Ahmed

War crimes

Laws and the values they contain The recent awarding of Nobel Peace Prize to Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi campaigner Nadia Murad has shed light on the increasing use of sexual

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Cogs and pawns

And how we survive our Waterloos every day Nothing, I repeat, nothing is what it looks to be. Behind every facade of power lies subservience. Scratch the surface of bravest of souls

Zia Ullah Ranjha

Digital banking

SBP should provide an enabling environment to banks and customers based on international best practices THE dawn of Financial Technology (FinTech) brings with it many opportunities and challenges for the traditional banking sector

Blackcoats’ disrespect for law

Another unfortunate instance of lawyer’s lawlessness Massive street agitation of the legal fraternity started with the movement to restore former chief justice Ifthikar Chaudhry, sacked by president Pervez Musharraf on March 9,