Overhauling the PCB

The ouster of chief selector, Waseem Bari, and other parasites from the PCB is good news. Though seeing them kicked out greatly satisfies the cricket lovers, many consider the presence of Intikhab Alam, nicknamed Inti Drum, senseless. As a captain, Inti Drum used to go on bowling without getting any wicket.
I understand the compulsion of keeping Ejaz Butt as chairman PCB despite his unrivalled buffoonery. However, it is shameful that our talented young sportsmen are becoming the

Iqbal Day

Every year the November 9 is celebrated throughout the country as Iqbal Day with traditional fervour and zeal. Special programmes relating to the national poet’s life are broadcasted and national flag is heaved all around the country.
More importantly, when we celebrate this day we should make a pledge to ourselves that the message that Iqbal conveyed to us will be spread. Dr Allama Iqbal’s universal message of peace, love, harmony, knowledge, self righteousness, Khudi and

Education reforms

Religious schools are often cited as a cause of extremism in Pakistan. The children in these seminaries are very often victims of abject poverty. The poverty driven parents send these children to seminaries in greed of a meal or two per day but they have no idea what type of education is being provided under this shelter.
A total of 2.5 million students in 2010 are studying in madaris, so it is very important to work on reforms to bring this lot into the mainstream. The action of

Militancy limited

According to the intelligence reports, the TTP and its splinter groups are planning to carryout bombings at different places on Eid. The National Crisis Management Cell of the Interior Ministry has issued circulars to home departments of all provinces to increase the security of mosques and shrines in order to avoid such incidents.
The TTP who claims to follow Islam and its tenants in its originality are only using the name to carry out their evil plans. Basically it is a power

Banned militant outfits

The LeT was banned, following the peace process with India that began in 2004. This organization has been involved in fighting alongside Kashmiri Mujahideens in the Indian Occupied Kahsmir.
Although, a number of circles blame this group as an important proxy of Pakistan, but its role has changed since the inception of the peace process. Upon India’s request, this organization was banned and since then a lot of evidence is pointing towards their involvement with Al-Qaeda,

Democracy from within

This is in response to the Ahmad Hammad’s letter “Nawaz Sahrif’s dilemma” on Nov 8th 2010. I agree with his no right-left faction theory. In fact, the fate of Pakistan is determined by the pro-establishment and anti-establishment forces.
Secondly, the writer talked about a post-2007 era. I think all critiques should be brought forward keeping in mind the fact that this is the Pakistan with a more autonomous media, a more active judiciary and a more erudite civil society.<br

US midterm elections

US President Barrack Obama must be feeling bitter and letdown as his party could not sustain majority in the House of Representative while they also lost some territory in the Senatorial elections. Though the President has been trying to fulfil the promises he made during his election campaign in 2008, he has not fully delivered on them.
The only thing that really happened, among so many of his change agenda, is the way the international diplomacy is being undertaken nowadays.

Shirin Sadeghi

On borders

Obama didn’t visit Pakistan this week. But I guess he has good reason – it’s rather rude, wouldn’t you say, to bomb a country on a Sunday and then visit it on the Monday as if nothing is wrong at all.
His visit to India, on the other hand, was a natural choice, militarily speaking, considering that wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and proxy wars elsewhere, are not yet enough to satisfy the American military-industrial complex. So a chummy visit to one of the world’s biggest

Mayank Austen Soofi

Obama visits Delhi

The US President Barack Obama left Delhi yesterday. In his 3-day state visit to India, Barack and wife, Michelle, spent two nights in Delhi – in the fabulously luxurious ITC Maurya Hotel. I have been to that hotel. The Obamas must have liked the window view from their presidential floor. All that you could see of Delhi from there is the green cover of Chanakaypuri, the Capital’s diplomatic enclave. The problem is that this part of the city is beautiful but it is as unique as a

Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi

Back to the past?

The recent activism on the part of Pakistan’s disparate opposition has raised the issue that whether Pakistan is returning to the politics of the 1990s when anti-PPP parties used to get together temporarily to pull down the PPP government. Are these parties ‘on the go’ again? The answer is that they want to go for the “kill,” but as the circumstances have changed since the 1990s, they will be inclined towards building enough pressure to paralyse, if not oust, the PPP-led federal

On Constitution Avenue

Any unusual activity by the army personnel on the Constitution Avenue is liable to arouse public curiosity. Such is the unhappy history of the relationship between the army and the civilian government that this is bound to revive bitter memories among many. It was unusual for the army controlling traffic at the Avenue checkpoint instead of police. For the soldiers to stop a federal minister in a car flying the national flag was regrettable and to point guns at him, a really serious

Obama charms India

A bomb would have been kinder. Hysteria has set in the Pakistani establishment after US President Barack Obama formally endorsed India for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Having played the jilted lover’s role of late, at least as far as relations with the US are concerned, Pakistan is going to interpret this bombshell as the last straw on the camel’s back. It is being viewed, not incorrectly, as the most significant development in US-India relations.
Should we worry,

Mr PM, give democracy a chance

The PM has urged upon the people to give democracy a chance, but it is his own government which refuses to give a fair chance to democracy to take roots in Pakistan. How else can we explain the controversy over $260 billion gold reserves in Balochistan, or the $30 million fine that the federal government is paying to the ADB for not implementing its requirements for transparency, or the reckless killing of men, women and children in Karachi and, even worse still, the ultimate sin by

Gharib dushman looters

Pakistan has plenty of them. They leave no opportunity to destroy anything. From one commodity to another, it is total anarchy. Plunder and loot to their insatiable fill is their motto. They want to decimate the poor. I am talking about the ghreeb dushman looters.
Just imagine them. They are looting and plundering the national assets and daily use items like these things are only produced for them and the poor have no right. Take an example of the sugar prices. They increase the

Missing the bus

It has now become evident that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is supporting a hardened view on Kalabagh dam. They are insistent on their stance even after the historic floods.
The PML(N) had a golden opportunity, that comes in a century, when they had only to support the new name for NWFP in return for the province dropping their anti-dam stand. But they blew their chance and missed the bus to the dismay of all concerned. In exchange, they got the ban on third time re-election

Sugar out of reach

The sugar price has touched Rs 125 per kg across the country because of the federal government and Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has failed to implements its decision of importing sugar in time. The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) failed to offload its stocks in the market at its import cost of Rs 55 per kg, thus helping the sugar mafia to make the killing.
It seems there is no government writ and courts are hapless in the case of sugar mafia. The TCP imported

Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi

Rajneeti ka alphabet soup

Disclaimer: This article is not a ‘Dummies Guide to the Muslim Leagues of Pakistan’. Any attempts to construe it as such will only lead to great embarrassment for the said pretentious newspaper reader.
Seriously though, I don’t think anyone knows how many incarnations there are today of the hallowed All-India Muslim League that, as all Pakistan Studies flunkers will know, came into existence in 1906. According to the Selection Commission of Pakistan – the most ‘authentic’ source