Custodial killing

The death of a suspect in police lockup in Karachi is another stark reminder of the horrible trend of custodial killings, prevailing in the country. The victim was a 24 year old, who had been arrested for street crimes and later found to be hanging from the bathroom ceiling in the lockup. Human rights groups and other public welfare organizations have taken up this issue on numerous occasions, but it seems that we are still a long way from eradicating this issue. The government will

PIA’s undertakers

On 9th of Moharram, PIA flight from Manchester PK 710 with over 300 passengers was delayed at Manchester for over 4 hours on ground for some strange technical reasons. The passengers were not told about nature of this so called technical delay, but as soon as the MD arrived with a group of people on the aircraft after about 4 hours of wait, the doors closed and flight departed. It was a strange technical defect that rectified the moment MD was on board.
During the flight,

Firebrand, no more

Politicians in Pakistan are very interesting. While most of their public speaking against each other is dismissed as malicious mudslinging or absurd one-upping (ala Rana Sanaullah), it is important to note that beneath all the crass jokes and dog-whistle politics lies a kernel of truth. The now admonished Zulfiqar Mirza made some uncomfortable statements about the MQM. It is great that the PPP is trying to redress such statements in the interests of national reconciliation (read save

Moment of truth

This is with reference to the political turmoil created after Zulfiqar Mirza’s statement on the issue of target killings, kidnapping for ransom, bhatta and the criminals responsible for these heinous crimes. Karachi has, for years, witnessed the relentless reign of terror let loose since the late 80s, and the unfortunate reality is that this has the patronage of leading political stakeholders of this city. If this was just the act of criminals, mafias or land grabbing gangs, they

The need for police

According to a handbook published by “Shehri-Citizens for a better environment” in collaboration with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), there is a serious shortage of police personnel and stations across the country.
According to the handbook that is named “101 things you wanted to know about police but were too afraid to ask” the international standards demand 230 police personnel for every 100,000 people. However, in

Candid or obfuscation

The Pakistan Today of 17-12-2010 has published views of Mr Mirani, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering of Mehran University titled “Mehran University Professor gets candid”. It is stated that Kalabagh dam if built would make Sindh dry and Pakhtunkhwa saline. The above statement indicates gross ignorance about the issue as it is more of obfuscation rather than being candid about the dam. The Water Accord of 1991 prescribes a 37% share of water for Sindh i.e., equal to that of

Issues of governance

The governance can be defined as the management of a country for the development of social and economic resources. Government plays a key role for its public by providing them the necessities of life and establishes the rules. Governance is the primary means of maintaining accountability in country.
Pakistan is not performing well in several fields due to bad governances. We discuss only few legislative and administrative factors that affect governance in Pakistan. It must also

Message from Advisor to CM, Sindh

I would like to welcome the launch of the Karachi edition of Pakistan Today, and hope that the paper will continue the standards of impartial journalism that its Lahore edition and Editor, Arif Nizami, have laid down. We look forward to more outstanding coverage of Sindh through the Karachi edition of Pakistan Today.
We are beset with many challenges today, and I hope that the Karachi edition of your paper will set out to help us resolve the issues of our times and ensure that

Message from Speaker Sindh Assembly

On the eve of the launch of Pakistan Today’s Karachi edition, I warmly congratulate its Editor, Mr Arif Nizami and his team, and pray that he is successful in his new venture.
The media plays a significant role in keeping people abreast of developments in various fields, such as politics, economics and others. Such awareness paves the way for the development of the country and brings about change to the lives of the people. I hope that the newspaper will particularly highlight

Message from President Awami National Party, Sindh

I am glad to know that a new English-language daily, Pakistan Today, is being launched in Karachi. Equally pleasing is the news that renowned journalist Mr Arif Nizami, with his experienced team, has entered a new era of print media.
A need for another progressive English newspaper was dearly being felt. The importance of media has increased in modern times, where the flow of information is crucial in building societies. Our country needs media that can play a constructive role

Message from Chief Minister, Sindh

It gives me great pleasure to know that Mr Arif Nizami is launching the Karachi edition of Pakistan Today. I am confident that in view of great potential, the newspaper will prove to be an excellent addition to the rapidly growing field of media and journalism.
I am confident that the new daily will adhere to the media ethics and commit to non-biased journalism. It is also important that healthy criticism is a necessary component of a democratic society, and this trend of the

Message from Central Co-ordination Committee, MQM

On behalf of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, I congratulate Mr Arif Nizami and Mr Javed Choudhry on the launch of the Karachi edition of Pakistan Today. I am confident that Pakistan Today’s talented team will create space for themselves in the vibrant world of Pakistani print journalism.
The history of our country is dotted with examples of how people of various provinces have often been alienated from each other. As a result, many have fallen to negative propaganda about the

Message from Governor Sindh

Pakistan Today’s launch in our beloved city of Karachi was much anticipated – after all Pakistan is incomplete without its financial capital. The launch of Pakistan Today’s Karachi edition has filled the void that was being dearly felt, and I extend my heartiest congratulations to them.
The media’s role as fourth pillar of the state has ensured that public representatives remain accountable when they are in office, and not simply during times of elections. Awareness in society

Hassaan Ghazali

Up in smoke

A lot can be said about the graphic warnings on cigarette packs that have started appearing to discourage smokers. Maybe a pat on the government’s back followed by a sharp kick in the derriere would be considered fair payback for scaring the daylights out of a pack-a-day smoker just going about his business. Yet, there it was at a luncheon in the deepest darkest Punjab that our host pointed out the new images and in return got ones with the latest rendition of a startled guppy fish at

Imran Khan

The Shia Question

The term “Jewish Question” has been used in a variety of ways, but its most common usage has been an anti-Semitic one; where it refers to all the “problems” that have been created because of the mere existence of the Jews. It was the Nazis who proposed a “final solution” to this question, a solution that they carried out in the death camps of Nazi Germany.
If you are a Sunni in Pakistan, it is very often that you might hear of problems such as the Shia domination of decision

The Reko Diq fiasco

The interesting thing about the internet is that it is as great a force-multiplier for ignorance as for knowledge. Take, for example, the Reko Diq project. The average Pakistani newsreader is convinced that (a) the Federal Government is an evil stooge of western interests; (b) the people of Balochistan are being ripped off yet again; and, (c) it is now up to the Supreme Court to save us. All three beliefs are completely wrong.
Here are some facts about the Reko Diq project.<br

How about some cool?

The MQM is what it is. The PPP knew what it was getting into when it entered into a coalition with it in the aftermath of the 2008 elections. Feigning surprise, showing rage or acting like some sort of aggrieved party isn’t, therefore, going to cut it. If political expediency (or a genuine change of heart, take your pick) made the PPP jettison its previous declaration of never entering into a coalition with the MQM, the party should have been well-prepared to deal with the intricacies