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About military courts

And that sunset clause Everybody agreed to military courts after the Peshawar school tragedy because of very serious, yet straight forward reasons. One, there was an urgent need for the perpetrators to

Wanted urgently: A JM Keynes!

Pak economy tossed about in stormy waters If the last two federal governments were characterised by gross maladministration and misplaced priorities, the current PTI dispensation is best exemplified by its agonising indecision

Fake accounts case

It is  for the court, not the government, to determine criminality The charges that have been leveled against former President Asif Zardari and his financial partners are highly serious.  Zardari maintains that

Winter of defeat and discontent

Pakistan cricket emulating its hockey and squash decline Though it has fortunately not reached rock bottom despite the best efforts of vastly overpaid but clueless, infighting administrators and collapse-prone players, Pakistan cricket

The UAE help

And diplomatic norms Imran Khan’s success in breaking the ice with the Emiratis should be appreciated. Though our two countries have traditionally enjoyed very close ties, things had turned somewhat cold in

Pak Turkey relations

And Imran Khan’s Ankara visit Despite being somewhat belated Imran Khan’s Ankara visit was commendable. Like China, Turkey is one of Pakistan’s closest and oldest allies. This explains why every government has worked hard to take

Case closures

Incompetent agencies and their double standards Six years after being directed by the SC to collect evidence in the Asghar Khan case the FIA has come up with naught. The federal agency

Pak-US ties

Trump’s Asia policy and the widening trust deficit After the January 2018 tirade by Trump that Pakistan has given the US only “lies and deceit,” relations between the two countries have continued

DG ISPR’s interview

Looking ahead DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor hit the nail on the head, during his interview with a private TV channel the other day, when he implied that change came through