Literacy in world 5th most populous country

A country with 240 million people having only literacy rate of 56% is striving to become a better country in the comity of nations, although half of its people are unable to write their own name.
Education plays an important role in the development of any nation or a country.
Educated nations always achieve success on their path to glory.
In my nation Pakistan, only 44% of the people are literate. Illiteracy is not only hazardous for the country economic condition but its people’s well-being, both physically and mentally.
In Pakistan, you will see young children begging in streets and not even know how to read or write as these young children are compelled to live their life in poverty.
Not knowing what a school is or what happens there, the future of the nation seems bleak.
Unable to write, majority of population is living in a harsh environment not even suitable for an animal to live. Without highly educated people, a nation cannot thrive as education helps a nation produce highly skilled professionals such as doctors and scientist, who ultimately bring about prosperity and development for the nation.
Illiteracy, besides other evils, fuels widespread corruption and injustice in a society, leaving people at the mercy of criminals and mafias.
Illiteracy also give rise to mafias, exploit people in the name of religion, leading to the unchallenged rule of spiritual and faith healers and quacks who merely deceive the people due to their illiteracy.
To sum-up, education is the panacea for all ills of a society as without it, no nation can prosper. Education is like beam of light that helps nations on the path to development. Only education can enable people set their sight on starts and bring about what illiteracy hide from them.
Islam as religion lay strong emphasise on acquiring knowledge and binds its followers to acquire education for the common good of society.

Abdulrehman Khan, Danial Ali Khan, Affan Ejaz, Muhammad Zaeemul Islam, Aqsa Sajjad and Malka Saba

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