Railway fares decreased by over 50%

LAHORE: In view of the recent decline in diesel prices, the Pakistan Railways Department has announced a significant reduction in train fares across various classes.

The official notification regarding the fare reduction has been issued and is effective immediately.

The fare reduction applies to train journeys ranging from one to 200 kilometres for all classes of trains, benefitting passengers travelling shorter distances. The most notable reductions are seen in the economy and AC classes.

According to the railway authorities, the economy class fares on certain routes have been reduced by up to 54%. For instance, the minimum fare for the economy class on the Lahore to Rawalpindi route has decreased from Rs250 to Rs100. Similarly, the economy class fare for the Khyber Mail, covering distances from 1km to 130km, has also been reduced from Rs250 to Rs100.

Passengers travelling in AC class will also enjoy a significant reduction, with fares cut by 40% across various routes.

This move comes as a relief to daily commuters and occasional travellers alike, who will benefit from the lowered cost of train travel. The Railways Department emphasizes that this fare reduction aims to pass on the benefits of decreased fuel costs to the public and make rail travel more affordable.

The implementation of these new fares has started on Tuesday, as confirmed by the railway authorities in Lahore.

For more detailed information about the specific fare reductions and to plan your journey, passengers are encouraged to check the official Railways website.


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