PPP regrets President Alvi’s linking NA session with reserved seats

ISLAMABAD: PPP leader and former federal minister Sherry Rehman has said that President Arif Alvi was again violating the law by not convening the session of the National Assembly despite the requisition summary sent to him earlier.

Talking to media here on Monday, Sherry Rehman said Arif Alvi was the president of Pakistan and not of a political party.

She said PPP was a political and democratic party which always discouraged politics of division and hate.

Sherry said session of National Assembly will be held automatically after 21 days as per the Article 91(2) of the Constitution if President Alvi did not convene the session. The Constitution did not link the National Assembly session with any pending issue, she elaborated.

Sherry remarked Arif Alvi’s tenure has already been marred by controversies. “As he was about to leave the presidency, he is safeguarding the interests of PTI and not of his presidential oath,” the PPP leader added.

The former minister accused Arif Alvi of always trying to create a constitutional crisis. “He should avoid indulging in any unconstitutional issue before his exit from presidency,” she added.


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