ECP serves notice on Nawaz Sharif over rigging allegations in NA-130

LAHORE: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Tuesday issued a notice to PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif while hearing the application of the PTI-backed independent candidate Yasmin Rashid against the alleged rigging in NA-130, Lahore.

The ECP also sought a report from the Returning Officer (RO) and adjourned the alleged rigging case till February 27.

It is to be noted that the ECP has issued notification of Nawaz Sharif’s victory from NA-130 Lahore despite severe rigging allegations and criticism.

According to details, the Election Commission heard the petition of PTI-backed independent candidate Dr Yasmin Rashid from NA-130 Lahore.

The counsel of Yasmin Rashid informed the ECP bench that according to the results of 334 out of 376 polling stations, PTI leader was winning with a lead of 20,000 votes. “Then the policemen came on the night of February 8 and changed the returning officer. Our agents were expelled and then 100,000 votes were cast for Nawaz Sharif from the remaining 33 polling stations”, Advocate Awaise claimed.

On the occasion, the ECP member said that in this case, the Election Commission is also responsible and now should they hear the case against themselves.

After which Election Commission issued a notice to the successful candidate Nawaz Sharif from NA-130 Lahore while seeking a report from the Returning Officer.

Later, addressing a presser in the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday, Advocate Ahmed Owais decried what he called “the worst rigged elections in the history of Pakistan.”

Owais cited discrepancies in voting numbers, alleging that Sharif had hastily secured a difference of 74,000 votes. He pointed out that the final result revealed a significant increase in Sharif’s vote count from the majority of polling stations.

Highlighting irregularities in the electoral process, Owais stressed the need for strict action against rigging as mandated by the constitution. He further emphasized the importance of transparency, citing Section 92 and raising concerns about the role of the Returning Officer in Form 47 issuance.


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