Govt extends time period of joint check posts to curb smuggling in Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: The Federal government has extended the time period of joint check posts (consisting of Pakistan Customs, Frontier Corps and local police/LEAs, provincial food departments) in different cities of Balochistan for another two months to curb smuggling.

According to notification issued by Ministry of Interior, the competent authority is pleased to extend time period of 10  joint check posts (Garang, Shiekh Wasil, Panjpai, Galangur, Padagh, Landi, Jangyan, Dali, Basima, Wangu (Gandava) to ensure enforcement of applicable laws (the Customs Act, 1969/ the price control and Prevention of profiteering and hoarding act 1977 etc) regarding movement of essential commodities till October 31, 2023.

Joint patrolling teams/ anti smuggling squad will also be executed along with highways in Balochistan in the light of FBR order dated April 14, 2023 for seizure of essential commodities.

It is pertinent to note that the previous government has established these joint check posts after the increasing reports of essential commodities smuggling.

The Fbr had transferred a number of its lower staff posted in Punjab, KP and Islamabad to Balochistan to make presence in every check post; however there are reports that smuggling of basic commodities is still going on.

Recently, the Caretaker Prime Minister has also directed the authorities to curb the smuggling and officials involved in smuggling should be apprehended.


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