FBR arrests ring leader involved in running fake sales tax invoices


ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue’ Intelligence and Investigation Inland Revenue directorate has arrested a ring leader involved in running fake/ flying sales tax invoices.

According to details, the Directorate of I&I-IR, Karachi arrested a ring leader who earlier managed to flee out of the country after securing bail before arrest from the concerned Court.

The accused was taken into custody from the nearby vicinity of the Directorate in Karachi who was constrained to return from abroad due to unrelenting pressure on mafia people from the anti-fraud wing of FBR.

Physical remand of the accused has been obtained from the Court for investigation.

Sources privy to the authorities have disclosed that ‘HAB’ is the key person who under the garb of tax consultancy was involved in running fake/flying invoice activity and used to train others about ways and means of defrauding national exchequer through fake/flying invoices.

Prior to this a team of I&I-IR, Karachi conducted a search of the accused office at Ferozabad area under court warrant and recovered significant material evidence which corroborated the illegal activity of fake/flying invoices operated by the accused causing billions of rupees revenue loss.

The Directorate of I&I-IR, Karachi, has shown its resolve to continue to drive against invoice mafia till last and will continue to chase every culprit causing colossal loss to national kitty.


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