Two PIA aircraft standing in Jakarta for two years

ISLAMABAD: It has been revealed that two aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have been standing in Jakarta, Indonesia, for two years.

In the first year, 7.2 million dollars have been lost from the monthly payment of 6 million dollars for the parking of the planes.

According to official documents available to this scribe, two aircraft of PIA have been parked in Jakarta, Indonesia, including an Airbus A320, which has been parked since September 2021.

Monthly payments of 6 lakh dollars are also being made and they had to be brought back after maintenance for 12 months while the maintenance officers of these planes continued to travel abroad at the government expense, which caused a loss of millions of rupees to PIA.

The vessels could not be brought back in 12 months due to the negligence of the officers. PIA officials say that the lessee is not responding to us while the audit has conducted a fact-finding inquiry on the matter and directed to resolve the matter at the earliest. While PIA has not given any record regarding bringing back the planes.

When contacted, the PIA spokesperson said the return of the planes has been delayed due to technical and legal reasons with the company from which the planes were leased.

PIA is going to buy these two planes. Negotiations are going on with the leasing company for them, they will be purchased and added back to the fleet, soon both the aircraft will come to Pakistan, the spokesman maintained.


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