May 9 vandalism: Imran says never asked PTI workers to indulge in violence

— Says from his violent arrest, arson to Nazi-era type crackdown pre-planned

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Monday said that he never asked his workers to indulge in violence in his 27 years of politics that was the reason the events of May 9 first took him by surprise and demanded independent investigation of the incident.

Sharing the video of a journalist, which he said, confirmed it all that he never asked workers to indulge in violence.

PTI Chairman said: “I have never asked our workers to indulge in violence in my 27 years of politics. Therefore, the events of May 9 first took me by surprise and then it did not take long for me to discover that the whole charade from my violent arrest to the arson to the Nazi era type crackdown, was pre-planned,” he asserted.

“This is why from day one I have called for an independent investigation of the incident,” he added.

Khan brings to lime light real story of ‘forced divorces’

Imran Khan brought to the lime light the real story of pressure behind the ‘forced divorces’.
PTI Chairman shared the message from PTI’s MPA on Monday, wherein he narrated the ordeals he was passing through for not quitting the party, and said: “This is the sort of pressure behind the ‘forced divorces'”.

In a message to the PTI Chairman, the MPA said: “I bore a lot of pressure to quit the PTI but it has now become unbearable, as the threats have no gone beyond business to the women of my house.”

The MPA further said: “Now there is no other way besides doing a press conference and announcing dissociation from PTI. I had never thought this would happen.”

The MPA stated: “I only have two options now either commit suicide or hold press conference. Chairman I have been with you since the beginning when you first contest the election from Mianwali. May Allah help you Ameen.”

Convicted Maryam couldn’t revive dead politics, hoodwink Kashmiris through false, absurd narrative: Raoof

Meanwhile, Central Information Secretary Raoof Hassan said that the convicted Maryam Nawaz neither could not revive her party’s dead politics nor could hoodwink the brave Kashmiri people through false and absurd narrative.

Reacting to Maryam Nawaz’s speech, PTI secretary information said that the convicted daughter of a criminal convicted by the courts was trying to mislead Kashmiris under the umbrella of lawlessness.

Rauf Hassan stated that people of Kashmir would hold accountable those who insulted their mandate.

He stated that PTI Chairman Imran Khan was the ambassador of the people of Kashmir to the world and the strongest voice in their favour. Raoof Hassan said that the fugitive’s daughter wanted to buy freedom-seeking Kashmiris through false promises, which would not bear any fruit because the Sharif family badly damaged the Kashmir cause.

He reminded that behind-the-scenes friendship with Narendra Modi and withdrawal from Kashmir cause was the initiatives of absconder Nawaz Sharif.

Raoof went on to say that Nawaz Sharif avoided meeting with the Hurriyat leadership just to please Modi, adding that the real insult to the martyrs was done by Maryam’s father by slandering the army through Dawn Leaks.

Rauf Hassan said that like the people of Pakistan, Kashmiris were also well-aware of the Sharifs’ hostility towards Kashmir and the army; hence her attempts to revive dead politics on the basis of false and absurd narratives would not succeed.


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