Pakistani designers impress Chinese at TEXPO 2023 fashion show

KARACHI: The TEXPO 2023 fashion show in Karachi was a remarkable event, showcasing the best of Pakistani design and textiles to the international audience.

This event was organized by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) Gwadar Pro reported on Saturday.

A Chinese citizen Zhang from Guangzhou told China Economic Net that the fashion show highlighted the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan, while also showcasing its modern designs.

It was a great opportunity for Pakistani designers to showcase their talent and skills to the Chinese audience and make an impression on them.

He further said that the Texpo 2023 fashion show served as a platform for both countries to strengthen their economic ties through trade in textiles today show featured some of the most talented designers from Pakistan.

“I’m thankful to Guangzhou Consulate that providing me this opportunity to attend the textile exhibition and honestly before coming to Pakistan I was not expecting such a great fashion show and exhibition as well. It was really surprising for me and now I can say that Pakistan is one of the advanced countries in these sectors”, he added.

It is pertinent to mention that after COVID-19 Pakistan is organizing the largest textile exhibition where more than 400 delegates from 60 countries participated in the exhibition, with around 100 Chinese enterprises participating.

On the sidle forums of TEXPO 2023 a fashion show was held in Karachi, and it was attended by Chinese, Pakistani, and other international entrepreneurs, textile manufacturers, designers, and fashion enthusiasts.




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