Motorcycle theft

Some gangs of outlaws have been actively stealing bikes across Hyderabad for some time. More than two dozen motorcycles were recently stolen from around Civil Hospital, Hyderabad, within a mere 10 days. The police and other law-enforcement agencies have failed to protect the public and their property from these criminals.

Some of my relatives went to the said hospital for treatment recently. They parked their almost brand new 70cc motorcycle in the parking lot at 10.33am. The bike was not there less than five minutes later. As could be seen clearly in the CCTV footage, there were two criminals who did the ‘job’ while not even trying to hide their faces. Yet, policemen said they were not very hopeful about the recovery. It all depends on luck, they told the victim. If everything is solely dependent on luck and fate, what is the point of having a police force at all? Why do they take salaries when they are unable to do their jobs?

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More than 190 CCTV cameras are installed on the premises of the Civil Hospital. According to the official in charge of the CCTV room, around 4-5 new bikes are stolen daily from the hospital parking lot.

These robberies and other criminal practices in Hyderabad show the competence and professionalism — or, actually, lack thereof — of Sindh police, especially of Hyderabad police. The higher officials in the department should wake up and protect the public and their hard-earned belongings.



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